International 6th Form College

International 6th Form College

Tuition Fees & Expenses

If you choose to study at Bexhill College, you will not only get excellent tuition and a rich and diverse cultural experience, you will also get excellent value for money as our tuition fees are far lower than many private education providers. In addition, our accommodation fees are also very competitive.

Airport Transfers

We have easy access to London International Airports. We offer all our new international student's airport transfers from London Gatwick (£145) or London Heathrow (£200) airport to your accommodation when you first arrive.

What are the college fees?

The fees charged by Bexhill 6th Form College to International Students depend on whether the student is from the European Union or from the rest of the World. The majority of the fees are set out below however, if not for the course you require, please contact us.

These tuition fees are for one academic year. If you are taking a two year course, the price for the second year will be subject to change. You will be required to pay your tuition fees in full before the start of your course.

English Language courses

English Extra - £6000
English Language 6 Week Courses - £1200
English Language 4 Week Summer Course - £750
English Language 1 - 4 Week Summer Courses - £200 per week

Per year for A-level tuition

Per week for accommodation

You're not just studying, you're living the whole experience of going to a British school.

Antonio Salinas Roca - Peru

I have met a lot of friends at the College. The College is very modern and there are a lot of facilities and equipment to use.

Marta Maxia Italy

The sea isnít far away and Bexhill is a really nice town, I really like it.

Lea Gatt Austria

Youíre not just studying, youíre living the whole experience of going to a British school.

Antonio Salinas Roca Peru