International 6th Form College

International 6th Form College

Meet Our International Students


Elisa from Brazil

Elisa studied at Bexhill College for a semester and took Biology, Modern History, Maths and Further Maths A-Level courses.

Lea from Austria

Lea was a 1-year student at Bexhill College. She did a mixture of A-Level and BTEC Certificate classes and studies English Language & Literature, Psychology and Music.

Rodion from Russia

Rodion was a 2-year student at Bexhill College who studied a BTEC Extended Diploma in Music. He was also an active member of the Student Council and International Media Team.

Antonio from Peru

Antonio studied at Bexhill College for 8 weeks, as he wanted to experience the British way of life and education system. Whilst here, he studied Business Studies, ICT, Film Studies and Computing A-Level classes.

Mauritz from Germany

Mauritz was a 1-year student doing a mixture of A-Level and BTEC Certificate classes at Bexhill College. He studied French, Graphic Design and Travel & Tourism. Mauritz was also part of the Volleyball Enrichment.

Marta from Italy

Marta was a 1-year student at Bexhill College. She took A-Level classes in French, Modern History, Maths and Advanced Maths. Marta was also part of the Women’s Volleyball Academy and competed for the College team.

Mahathi from Bangladesh

Mahathi is a current student studying A Levels at Bexhill College in Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

Tommy from Vietnam

Tommy is a current A-Level student at Bexhill College. He is studying Maths, Chemistry, Economics and ICT. Tommy is the Chair of the Student Union and volunteers at College events such as Open Evenings and New Student Inductions.

Jaeho from South Korea

Jaeho is a current student doing A Levels at Bexhill College. His chosen subjects are Further Maths and Physics. Jaeho is also part of the Football Academy and regularly plays in matches against other colleges.

Maria from Columbia

Maria was a 1-year BTEC Extended Diploma student at Bexhill College. Her subject was Applied Science, which she enjoyed as she got to do a lot of experiments. Maria was part of many sports enrichments such as Basketball, Trampolining & Volleyball (and was part of the College team).

Ginny from Italy

Ginny was a study term student with us. She studied English Language, French, Media Studies and Graphics.
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