International 6th Form College

International 6th Form College

Refund Policy

All students must pay their tuition fees and the invoiced accommodation fees before they commence their studies at Bexhill College

In addition to this, students must pay a non-refundable Accommodation Arrangement Fee if accommodation is required. Late arrival onto courses can sometimes be arranged on request. However, pro-rata fees are not available for missed tuition weeks.

If a student has been introduced to the College via an agent, the College will inform the agent if the student withdraws from the course and requests a refund. If a student has applied to the College via an agent any request for a refund must be made through the agent. This may incur a fee.

Should the College be unable to accept a student on to the course of their choice, either because, they have not met the course entry requirements or the College has cancelled the course, the College will offer a full refund of the money paid.

If a student is asked to leave the College before completing their course due to unacceptable behaviour as defined by the College, no refund will be given.

Refunds for any other reasons are only granted under exceptional circumstances as defined by the College. The College reserves the right to keep part of the fees to cover administration.

Tier 4 Visa Students

If a student fails to get a visa, the College will agree to refund the tuition fees less an administration fee of £300. The student must apply for the refund in writing, returning the original Offer Letter and a copy of the Rejection Letter from the UKVI by 1st September of the same academic year.

The College reserves the right to keep more of the tuition fees if there is any suspicion that the visa application was not genuine or if a withdrawal is requested by the UKVI.